Ph.D. Anthropology - UCLA 2012                  [Download full CV here]

M.A. Anthropology - UCLA 2006

B.A. Anthropology and Psychology - UC Berkeley 2003


Post-doctoral researcher in Population Health - 

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2012 - present


Moya, C. & Scelza, B. (under review) The effect of recent ethnogenesis and migration histories on perceptions of ethnic group stability.

Moya, C. and Boyd, R. (under review) Different ethnic phenomena correspond to distinct boundaries in the Peruvian Altiplano.

Moya, C., Boyd, R. and Henrich, J. (under review) Reasoning about cultural and genetic transmission: Developmental and cross-cultural evidence from Peru, Fiji and the US.

Snopkowski, K., Moya, C., and Sear, R. (under review) Intergenerational conflict: Does ethnic-group post-nuptial residence predict age at menopause?

Moya, C. (2013) Evolved priors for ethnolinguistic categorization: A case study from the Quechua-Aymara boundary in the Peruvian Altiplano. Evolution and Human Behavior. [LINK] [PDF] [SM]

Perreault, C., Moya, C. and Boyd, R. (2012) A Bayesian approach to the evolution of social learning. Evolution and Human Behavior. [LINK] [PDF] [SM]

Fessler, D.M.T. and Moya, C. (2009) Crying. In: The Oxford Companion to the Affective Sciences, Klaus Scherer and David Sander, Eds. [PDF]

Moya, C. (2009) Review of People of the Volcano: Andean Counterpoint in the Colca Valley of Peru. The Historian. [PDF]


Moya, C. & Boyd, R. Whence ethnic psychology? An evolutionary functionalist reframing of the debate.

Moya, C. (with Goodman, Heshmati, Sear & Koupil). Effects of parental availability on reproductive decisions in 20th century Sweden.

Moya, C. (with Goodman, Heshmati, Sear & Koupil). Pathways and historical changes in family background influences on age at first birth in 20th century Sweden.

Moya, C. & Sear R. A theoretical framework for parsing mechanisms of kin influence on reproductive outcomes.


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